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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Fri, 11/11/2022 - 10:38am

The window to set up your parent/teacher conference is open and will be closing on Thursday, November 17th at 4:00 pm.

Conferences will be held on Monday, November 21st, Tuesday, November 22nd, and Wednesday, November 23rd. (*Not all teachers and staff offer conferences on all days. You can view their availability at the time of scheduling on HCPSS Connect.) 

Important Note: Monday, November 21st will be used for in-person conferences only. Tuesday, November 22nd and Wednesday, November 23rd will be used for virtual conferences only using Google Meet.  Please consider your preferred type of conference and schedule accordingly.

Tips For Accessing HCPSS Connect to Sign Up for a Conference:

● It is recommended that you use a personal computer (not a mobile phone or tablet) and either the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.

● If using a shared, family computer, confirm that you are NOT logged in as your Student. 

Beginning Monday, November 7th, and continuing through Thursday, November 17th, families with updated Family Files can log on to HCPSS Connect at to access Synergy Conference Management. You can then choose your desired conference time from the teacher’s availability.

Click here for directions to schedule your conference.

Please note:

● If you are unable to attend a conference during the day/evening on 11/21 - 11/23, please contact your child’s teacher directly using their e-mail address found here to arrange a different day and time. Please allow 48 (business) hours to receive a reply.

Special Tips for Scheduling Conferences:

● Parent Teacher Conferences will be 15-minutes in length but will be scheduled in 20-minute increments. To allow time to end one conference and log on to the next, we recommend that you do not schedule back-to-back conferences with different teachers. All conferences will need to begin and end on time.  Late arrival/sign-on may not be able to be accommodated, due to the conference schedule. 

As a reminder, all students will be dismissed three hours early (at 11:10 am) on Monday, November 21st and Tuesday, November 22nd. Schools will be CLOSED for students on Wednesday, November 23rd.