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Link to Fall Sports Tryout Schedule:
Use this URL address to access Incoming 9th Graders Sports Power Point:

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List of Sports Teams

Athletic Updates: Instructions for Submitting Tryout Paperwork online

Please note - Do not use Cell Phones. Please use Parent Portal, and Allow Pop Ups.

The HCPSS Office of Information Technology has developed a portal through HCPSS Connect Parent Access to submit ALL Athletics Forms. Parents/guardians can now fill out required forms, upload physicals and proof of residency documents, and complete the eligibility process just by following this link:  HCPSS Connect.

- Log into your HCPSS Connect Parent/Guardian portal. Using a students log in information will not allow you to register. Once logged in, go to the menu on the left and click the bottom option More Options.  If you have more than one student make sure you have selected the correct student from the drop down menu at the top of the page.
- Click on Athletic Registration on the right hand side (8th bullet)
- Click on the Athletic Participation Form and begin filling out form (All sports will be indicated as varsity)
- Once you hit Save- all of the other forms will open up on left tab
- Complete all of the forms: Athletic Participation Form, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form, Concussion Information, Concussion testing program, and recent COVID-19 Awareness   form. Please complete all additional document.  Do not skip or leave any boxes blank.

Upload the following forms: Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form dated on/after April 1, 2024. Upload ALL pages of the Physical Examination Form.  WELLNESS VISITS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Upload a RECENT utility document. Documents must be date no more than 45 days prior to submission of forms. Residency document may include the full 1st page of; BGE , Water/Sewer Bill, Cable, Landline phone/internet, or appropriate MFD documents.

* If you participated in a previous sport for this school year, all you need to submit is a new parent permission form, indicating the sport, and an updated residency document.

** Reminder: Just because you have submitted all paper work, the AAM must verify the documents are complete, accurate and meet HCPSS guidelines.

Physicals: The Athletic Boosters have provided a convenient opportunity for students to have a physical at Maple Lawn First Cal Urgent Care. Click this link for more information. Portion of the proceeds go to the athletic boosters

TRYOUT FORMS: Pleack click this link for access to the hard copy forms that are required for tryouts.

Forms include:

  • Athletic Participation Form
  • Concussion Information Sheet
  • Concussion Testing Program
  • COVID 19 Awareness
  • Physical (uploaded to portal): Must be after April 1, 2023
  • Residency (uploaded utility bill to portal- see above)
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Information for Parents and Student Athletes- Acknowledgement Statement form signed

Common errors found when submitting paper work online: 

  • File size maybe too big on downloads. Make sure document is under 4MB
  • Missing dates, stamps, signatures on physical
  • Addess on residency document is outdated or does not match Synergy address
  • Just because forms have been submitted, that does not necessarily mean they have been accepted
  • AAM will go through to ensure proper dates, signatures, boxes checked off, address matches Synergy address.


At all Howard County athletic events, we strive to provide a pleasant and safe environment for all spectators and participants. We ask fans to refrain from:

  • Intimidating or harassing the players, coaches, officials, or fans
  • Using profanity
  • Throwing objects
  • Entering the playing area
  • Loitering in the hallways or on the grounds
  • Those who fail to abide by the Rules of Conduct will be asked to leave the contest, and could result in a trespass letter banning the spectator from future athletic events at the school.

Admission is a privilege to observe a contest, not a license to display insensitive or offensive behavior. Enjoy the event! Be a fan, not a fanatic!


In an emergency situation, the Atholton HS staff will implement the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

To access the full emergency plan, please click this link

HCPSS Interscholastic Athletic Handbook

Many of the HCPSS interscholastic rules and guidleines can be found here by clicking this link

HCPSS Athletic Participation Resources

Athletic Participation Form

Student athletic policy agreement form for new student athletes.

Sports Concussion Testing Program and Release of Information

Agreement for families that acknowledge HCPSS may administer pre-concussion baseline testing and post-concussion testing after a sports-related injury.

HCPSS Athletics Concussion Information Sheet

Overview of concussion signs and symptoms that can occur in student athletes.

Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form

Physician forms for future student athletes to fill out prior to sport seasons.

COVID-19 AwarenessParent/Student-AthleteParticipationAcknowledgement Statements

Medication Procedure Information

Protocols for administration of student medication during school hours along with a medication administration history form for physicians.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information

Acknowledgement statement and guidelines for identifying and responding to a cardiac arrest scenario.