Activities & Clubs

AHI Tuna (Athotlon High Improv)

This unique club offers students that opportunity to participate in a variety of Improv settings. AHI Tuna is open to all students and performs on stage in front of live audiances. We will meet in room 145. Please contact Ms. Stackhouse for more information and details.

Emily Stackhouse | Teacher |

AHS Dream Team

Michael Lake | Paraeducator |

Anime and Manga Club

To give people with a common interest in anime a place to discuss and enjoy the art form, as well as meet new people.

Emily Wasson | Teacher |

Arab Culture Club

The purpose of the Arab Culture Club is to educate students about arab culture and history. Students of all races and ethnicities are encouraged to join.

Jennifer Forgnoni | Teacher, Instructional Team Leader |

Asian Club (ASU)

Asian Student Union will create a community within Atholton to support charities in Asian countries and learn more about Asian culture. Students will be able to bond with others, as well as meet with other students from all backgrounds.

Hana Rhee | Teacher |

Be The Change

Richard Jones | Teacher |

Becca's Closet

To provide free dresses for girls who may need one for proms or homecomings 

Krista Bopst | Teacher |

Best Buddies

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  Meetings are held in Room F189.

Erin Bourque | ALS Teacher |

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Mission of the Black Student Union Club is to ensure a viable resource to African American students and to others interested, to their parents and to the community. Our goal is to educate students about the African American culture and historical accomplishments through learning, acknowledging, and respecting those of the past. We promote a positive, nurturing, and safe environment to enrich all students so that they can be college and career ready upon graduation. We strive to motivate and enrich all by providing opportunities that promote excellence through diversity.

Cheryl Grimes | Achievement Liaison |
Linda Petty | Teacher |

Bully Free Forever (BFF)

Jessica Grady | Teacher |

Chess Club

Come to chess club to enjoy fun and relaxing games, in addition to honing your skills. Open to all players, regardless of experience or skill.

Nicole Payne | Teacher |
Benjamin Schmitz | Teacher |

Clay Club

To minimize stress for students. To provide more art in the office. Provides education about ceramics, skills, techniques and practice.

David Decker | Teacher |

Computer Science Club

A club for anyone interested in coding with Python and anything else related to computer science.

Natalie Kelly | Media Specialist |

Creative Writing Club

Emily Stackhouse | Teacher |

Dramatics/Stage Production

Nathan Rosen | Teacher | | Drama Website

Educator's Rising

Katie Impeduglia | Teacher |

Equestrian Club

Stephen Braun | Teacher |

Fashion Club

To diversify fashion and discuss fashion trends.

Nicole Payne | Teacher |

Feed the Future

Liela Razik | Teacher |

FIRST Robotics Team 2537 Space RAIDers

The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition (FRC) was founded to promote math, science, and engineering by engaging high school students in a “varsity sport for the mind.” Atholton High School Team 2537, known as Space RAIDers, is one of over 5000 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams participating in this rigorous and exciting program. Our mission is to inspire young people to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields by providing an experience which inspires technical innovation and fosters well-rounded life capabilities, including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Each year, we build robots weighing up to 120 pounds that can complete a task, which changes every year. Teams are given design guidelines and the game details at the beginning of January and are given six weeks to construct a competitive robot that can operate autonomously (no human control) as well as when guided by wireless controls to accomplish the game’s tasks.

Charles Lidard | Teacher |

Fishing Club

Jessie Moore | Alternative Education |

FTC - For the Community

To provide community service and volunteer opportunities to the students of Atholton. Create relationships within the community through volunteering and community service.

Stephanie Johnson-Rolle | Teacher |

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

The purpose of the club is to bring together innovation, responsibility, business, and financial knowledge to students and those participating in the club. Students will have the chance to develop vocational skills and expand their knowledge of different career opportunities. Career competency will also be established among participants, learning what all is involved in different career paths, how to achieve their goals in a specific career, and how to innovate and strategize new and useful business tactics. FBLA allows students to strengthen their confidence, creating projects and sales pitches; learning to not only develop ideas, but also how to present them and relay their thoughts and thought process.

Justin Carey | Teacher |
Crystal Shelley | Teacher |

Future Investors Club

The purpose of this club is to stimulate students interest in the stock market in an educational, yet enjoyable environment. Students will build confidence in their investing ability and learn how to apply it in the future. At meetings, students will discuss trading strategies and share their results/experiences with specific investments. Overall, we hope to create an accepting environment where students can freely explore trading possibilities and learn from each other.

Donald Mitchell, Jr. | Teacher |
Benjamin Schmitz | Teacher |

GEN (Global Equality Now)

Lynette Burns | Teacher |

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Gender Sexuality Alliance, the GSA, is dedicated to creating a safe space for anyone of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as their allies, and discusses weekly topics related to the LGBTQ+ community.

Jo Seibel | Teacher |

Glee Club

The Glee Club allows students to enhance and exemplify their musical abilities while building relationships with their peers. In this club, students will practice their performing abilities and develop their creative skills by expressing themselves artistically. They will be able to build their musical portfolio by recording their performances. The club will also provide a safe and judgement free environment for students to express themselves.

Jennifer Street | Teacher, Instructional Team Leader |

Health Occupations Club

Deirdre Lindsey | Teacher |

Hispanic Club (La Familia)

Mary Coates | Teacher |

Ice Hockey

Heather Haffey | Teacher |

It's Academic

Shawn Douglas | Teacher |

Jazz Ensemble

Eric Posner | Band Teacher | | (410) 313-7075

Jewish Student Union

Devin White | Teacher |

JROTC (Drill Team, Color Guard, Raider Team)

William Reinhart | ROTC Advisor | | (410) 313-7076

Key Club

Benjamin Schmitz | Teacher |

League of Legends eSports Club

Bryce Cramer | Teacher |

Letter Writing Club

To be able to interact with others in places all around the world. So that the students can learn about different cultures and how other students from different countries live their lives. The club also reviews the concepts of how to write a letter on paper.

Emily Dulany | Teacher |

Letterman Club

This sole purpose of the Letterman Club is for student athletes to have a voice in the Atholton HS Athletic Program. Will meet during Raider Time in senior cafeteria. Please contact Mike Senisi at if you are interested.

Michael Senisi | Athletics and Activities Manager | | (410)313-7080

Math Team

Math Team is a member of Howard County Math League (HCML) and participates in eight HCML competitions each year. Our focus is to practice high level mathematics problems to prepare for Howard County Math Team competitions. Math Team allows students to engage in friendly interaction with other students from XX High School, as well as the other high schools in Howard County. The students become engaged in higher-level critical thinking and problem solving skills, while at the same time helping XXHS in competition against neighboring schools in the county. All students are welcome to join, as there is no mathematical prerequisite for membership. Mathematical topics covered will range from Algebra 1/Data Analysis through Trigonometry.

Lisa Toohey | Teacher |

MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement)

Stephanie Johnson-Rolle | Teacher |

Model United Nations

Crystal Shelley | Teacher

Muslim Students Awareness Club

Mabrooka Chaudhry | Teacher, Instructional Team Leader |

Our Minds Matter

The purpose of the club is to discuss mental health in our school community, encourage students to seek help for themselves and friends, promote the development of healthy habits and coping skills, and break societal and cultural stigmas associated with mental health.

Michael O'Shaughnessy | School Psychologist |
Samantha Rangos | Teacher |

Peaceful Raiders

To offer the tools of yoga and mindfulness to the students and staff of the Atholton Community.

Katie Impeduglia | Teacher |

Photography Club

The AHS Photo club will provide a friendly and supportive environment for photographers at all levels of experience, with interests in all genres of photography. The club will encourage the growth of artistic vision and technical knowledge of photography among its members. Members can share ideas and knowledge with each other to help promote interest in photography in the school community through exhibition and school events. Additionally, it is the goal of the club to use our hobby and passion to benefit the AHS school community.

Christopher Mackechnie | Teacher |


Nicole Payne | Teacher |

Pre-Med Club

Jimmie Mowder Jr | Teacher |

Rocketry Club

This club will be focused on building and testing working model rockets.

Michael Simmons | Teacher |

Role Playing Game Club

Stephen Braun | Teacher |

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Charles Midkiff | Teacher |

Science Olympiad Club

Deirdre Lindsey | Teacher |

SGA: Class of 2020

Chuck Fales | Teacher, Instructional Team Leader |
Juan Gordiano | ROTC Advisor | | (410) 313-7076

SGA: Class of 2021

Nicole Payne | Teacher |

SGA: Class of 2022

Emily Dalton | Teacher |
Jennifer Dalrymple | Teacher |

SGA: Student Government Association

Thomas Stuppy | Teacher, 9th Grade, Allied Bowling and Softball Coach |

Show Luv Club

To promote motivation, positivity, and to spread love throughout the environment to a later cause give back to the community. We want to show kids that it is okay to be different and to follow your dreams.

Michelle Howard | Teacher |

Sister to Sister

Sheila Carr-Spence | Teacher |

South Asian Association

Promote Indian (and surrounding nations) culture in Atholton community through Diwali and Holi events.

Liela Razik | Teacher |

Speech and Debate

Lynette Burns | Teacher |

Spirit Fingers

Members will draw croquis, which are quick sketches of a live model. Each member will take turns at being the model and can do whatever pose they want. The club can be used as a way to improve one’s drawing or anatomy skills, or as a way to socialize, relax, and make new friends.

Rachelle Eichert | Teacher |

Stand UP to Cancer

Donna Elshafei | Teacher |

STEAM Team (Green School)

Donna Schwab | Teacher |

Stress Less Club

Liela Razik | Teacher |

Student Activist and Change

Our purpose is to raise awareness about international, regional, and school issues. We want to positively impact as many people as possible.

Emily Wasson | Teacher |

Student Women Engineers (SWE)

SWE focuses on giving Atholton girls with an interest in engineering and computer science a unique place and voice within the Atholton STEM community.  SWE meets, on average, two Mondays a month from 2:45-3pm in E171.   We wield power tools, eat chocolate and network with other girls who share our interests and challenges.  No experience is necessary. Members of the club must complete a Safety Test and get a parent signature for the Technology and Engineering Education Laboratory Acknowledgement Form.  See Ms. Fregeau in room E171 if you have any questions.

Jean Fregeau | Teacher |

Swim Club

Donna Elshafei | Teacher |

Ultimate Frisbee Club

To discuss strategies and tactical play in ultimate frisbee. Spread the sport of ultimate frisbee.

Scott Vennard | Teacher |


UNICEF (The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) is a United Nations program dedicated to providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. This club is open to all students with a desire to provide aid through fundraisers, advocacy efforts, and more!

Donald Mitchell, Jr. | Teacher |

United Hands

Rachelle Eichert | Teacher |

USpeak (Formerly Toastmasters)

We want to give an opportunity to high schoolers who have a fear of speaking. We are part of a Youth Toastmasters Club at Howard County Community College. We want to develop students into leaders who can listen, speak, and evaluate. We want a variety of students, whether they are good at speaking or want to improve. Those who are good at speaking can now have a medium where they can deliver prepared speeches and receive critical feedback from an “audience”. In addition to just speeches, we also want to focus on impromptu speaking. We have a section of our meeting dedicated to table topics. In table topics, you are given a question and you have to answer it back immediately without any preparation. This is the hardest thing to do, but with time and hard work, a great impromptu speaker can be born.

Emily Dulany | Teacher |


Yearbook is a “club” that is an actual class you take during the school day. In this class, you have the responsibility for creating and publishing the current year’s edition of Impressions, Atholton High School’s Yearbook! You must be enrolled in Yearbook I, II, III, or IV to participate. Level III and IV of the course earns an Honors level credit. This course is open to all grade levels.

Christopher Mackechnie | Teacher |

Young Americans for Freedom

Rachelle Eichert | Teacher |

Young Democrats

The Young Democrats is a student-run club that explores and evaluates the principles of the Democratic Party. Members meet weekly to discuss current events and work to become involved in the political process. Students participate in lively discussions, listen to guest speakers, interview political candidates, and participate in informal debates.


Lynette Burns | Teacher |