Student Dress Code (Policy 9210) Reminder For Students

Wed, 09/08/2021 - 10:01am

As we enter our second week of school we want to share  what Studetns are permitted to wear:

Hats, hoods, and headwear (so long as the student’s face is visible and wearable technology is visible to ensure it is not interfering with instruction and student safety)

Ripped jeans, as long as undergarments are not exposed

Tank tops, including spaghetti straps, halter tops, and strapless tops

Athletic attire

Clothing with commercial or athletic logos provided they do not violate Section IV.G.3. below.

Certain body parts must be covered for all students. Clothes must be worn in a way such that the chest, midriff, pelvic/groin area and buttocks are covered with opaque material.

If you are asked to cover your midriff and have no way of covering your midriff, we will give you a shirt to wear.

Students are not permitted to wear attire, including wearable technology that is disruptive to the school environment, that promotes illegal or harmful activities, or that could endanger the health or safety of that student or others during school hours and school-related activities. Prohibited attire includes, but is not limited to:

Attire that depicts profanity, hate speech, obscenity, the use of weapons, or violence

Attire that promotes use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal or harmful products

Attire that promotes, implies or contains sexually suggestive messages

Attire that exposes or reveals the chest, midriff, pelvic/groin area, and buttocks

Visible underwear or bathing suits (Visible waistbands or straps on undergarments worn under other clothing are not a violation.)

Helmets or headgear that obscure the face, except as a religious obligation, observation of a religious holiday, or for a school-related activity

Attire that depicts gang affiliation

Attire that contains language or symbols that demean an identifiable person or group or otherwise infringes on the rights of others

Attire that causes or is likely to cause a material disruption, a substantial disorder to school activities or the orderly operation of the school, or an invasion of the rights of others

May damage school property

Wearable technology and other attire when it interferes with instruction or student safety.

Please be mindful of what you are wearing to school. If you think you may be stopped by Admin/Teachers PLEASE don't wear it!