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Collection and Distribution Plan for Class of 2020

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 9:22am

Details and documents outlining our process for the collection of materials and distribution of caps and gowns this Friday, May 22.

We are asking that EVERYONE adhere to the alphabetical arrival schedule in the document.

There is a lot of information. Please read carefully.

Main Reference Document (information / video recording details) -- Collection and Distribution Directions
Campus Map (location of Stations and route to follow) -- AHS Collection and Distribution Map
Car Sign Template (to be displayed in car window) -- Car Sign Template
Materials Return Form (inventory form to be submitted) -- Materials Return Form

Be sure to review the strict video recording requirements. The deadline to have videos uploaded is MAY 26!!

Questions regarding this process are addressed in this FAQ.

Please reach out to our graduation coordinator, Ms. Bonomo-Thomas with any questions at