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Taking the SAT or ACT Soon?

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 9:24am

Is Your College-Bound Student Taking the SAT or ACT Soon?

Our live, virtual, eight-hour SAT and ACT classes are open to area high school students looking for comprehensive, convenient, and engaging summer test prep.  

Summer is the perfect time to enroll your student in The Answer Class’s affordable online test prep.  Learn everything you need to know about the SAT or ACT in only 8 hours – and without breaking the bank!

Students and parents can easily register for these classes on our website and the needed materials will either be mailed to your home or sent by email to print at home.  

Comprehensive and Convenient Summer SAT Prep for Atholton HS students

T/Th July 14 & 16 from 5 pm – 9 pm
T/Th August 4 & 6 from 5 pm – 9 pm

Updated SAT Testing Info: The SATs are now being offered every month from August – December 2020.
Updated ACT Testing Info:  At this time, ACT plans to offer its upcoming tests nationwide (July, September, October & December), making changes as necessary, closer to the testing date.

Each SAT and ACT class is only $159,* or purchase the SAT/ACT Prep Combo Package for only $249 (save $49!).  Even with online classes, we continue to donate back to the sponsoring high school or high school organization! *Register at least one week in advance of the class and receive a $10 discount.

And here’s what students are saying about our live, online classes…

“I would recommend this course to a friend because although I was learning about a topic that isn't necessarily something exciting, I found the class engaging, tolerable, and fun. I enjoyed taking the class and learning the (stressors). The class was structured in a way that made learning the content fun.” --Sithara, SAT prep online student

The class “genuinely provides information and strategies about the SAT that will most likely help you get a better score. It doesn't feel like a waste of time.” – Gabby, SAT prep online student

Visit to view the full class schedule and to register your student.

SAT Prep Course