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Atholton High School Fight Song Lyric Contest

Mon, 05/23/2016 - 8:25am

Fight Song Lyric Contest

Did you know that Atholton's Fight Song is original to this school? While most high schools use a college fight song, when Atholton opened in 1966, we got our own!  Click here for contest details:

Did you know that Atholton's Fight Song doesn't have lyrics to it?!?! But, a fight song SHOULD have's a SONG, it's a rallying cry to get everyone behind their team, it's a community builder!


If you're good at writing songs/lyrics, you should submit your ideas for the AHS Fight Song lyrics! As part of the 50th Anniversary we want to energize the current students and our decades of alumni! Help us make that happen and leave your mark on this school for another 50 years and beyond!


Lyrics must fit the melody that has been in place for 50 years.
Actual music may not be changed but may be repeated for extra verses. Suggestions are welcome.
Lyrics must be appropriate.

Towards the end of the Fight Song Fans, Cheerleaders, Poms, and the Band shout "Go"..."Fight"..."Go, Fight, Win!" We would like to keep this tradition as part of the new lyrics.

Lyrics should encourage school pride and unity.
Titles are encouraged


All submissions must be emailed to Mrs. Payne by11:59pm, June 10th. Nothing afterwards will be accepted.
Submissions should be in two-forms:

Written in the email, attachment, or Google Doc
Audio recording of the lyrics being sung


Submissions may be edited/altered to work properly.
Winners will be announced the final week of school.