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Parent Volunteers

Mon, 09/21/2015 - 7:24pm

Volunteer Requirements:

In order to create a consistent process for training parent volunteers on issues of confidentiality, a brief training module had been developed and a certificate of completion is needed before a parent volunteers/chaperones. Both the module and certificate are located on the HCPSS website. Please complete the training and submit the certificate of completion to the school before registering as a volunteer. If you have already completed a similar process and registered to volunteer for this school year, you will not need to repeat this training for this year. The site is available at: .

Volunteer Opportunities:

Parents on Patrol (POPS) is a great way for parents and guardians to volunteer during the school day, get a glimpse of life at AHS, help the staff, and help keep the students safe. Our main objective is to prevent students from “wandering” the halls during lunch without an official purpose. As a POPS volunteer, your time is spent “monitoring” the halls during lunch periods which allows the teaching staff to be available to students. You can sign up for one day or a recurring schedule. It is extremely rewarding, fun, and eye opening to see all of AHS students cycle through their lunch periods, and the time commitment is minimal. Arrive before 10:14am and check in at the front office where they will give you detailed instructions, a walkie-talkie, and direct you to a station, where you will sit in the hallway near the cafeteria until 12:20pm to make sure students go from class to lunch and back to class unless they have a hall pass.  Go to the POPS page on the PTSA website ( for more details or sign up now at

AHS Snack Shop Volunteer at the snack shop for JUST ONE HOUR and you WILL have fun! You get to meet at least one other parent & you get to see lots of the students! The time commitment is ONLY from 2:20pm-3:15pm. If you can volunteer even once a month, please sign up here: If you’d rather volunteer on an “as needed” basis, please email me at Thanks! And GO RAIDERS! Ilene Fishkind, AHS Snack Shop Volunteer Coordinator or (410) 530-7683.