Fall Sports Information

Fri, 06/17/2016 - 11:56am

Atholton HS Fall Sports Try-Out Information and Schedules

All students must have a completed physical form (2 copies), Athletic Participation form, completed the concussion baseline test, signed concussion release and concussion information forms, signed sudden cardiac arrest form, and a copy of current utility bill(BGE) in order to tryout for a team. Additionally, all incoming 9th graders will need a copy of their birth certificate.  Please make sure that all forms are completely filled out, including student and parent signatures, stamps/signatures of physicians, and everything dated correctly.  Equipment will be provided during the tryout dates.  We encourage players and parents to hold off on purchasing new equipment until all the teams are made.

Additional concussion baseline sessions will be held August 2, 3, and 4 at 12:15pm in the AHS Media Center for those who missed our end-of-school sessions.  Please be prompt as we cannot admit late entrants into the testing sessions.

You do not need a concussion test if you are planning to try-out for cross country or golf.  Concussion tests are good for 2 years.

All forms can be downloaded from the Athletics page on the Atholton website: http://ahs.hcpss.org/athletics

Below are tryout dates, times and locations.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Athletics and Activities Manager, Beth DeFrances at elizabeth_defrances@hcpss.org


Cheerleading: Will meet in the cafeteria of the high school

  • Wednesday, August 10                      2:30-5:00pm                                      
  • Thursday, August 11                          2:30-5:00pm              
  • Friday, August 12                               2:30-5:00pm
  • Monday, August 15                            2:30-4:30pm

Girls Soccer

  • Wednesday, August, 10                     8:00- 11:00                 AHS Track- Fitness Testing/Turf
  • Thursday, August, 11                         8:00-11:00                  Clemens Crossing ES
  • Friday, August, 12                              8:00-11:00                  Clemens Crossing ES
  • Saturday, August 13                          10:00-12:00                AHS Turf Field

Boys Soccer:

  • Wednesday, August 10                      9:00-11:00                  Clemens Crossing ES
  • Thursday, August 11                          9:00-11:00                  Cedar Lane                       
  • Friday, August 12                               9:00-11:00                  AHS Turf Field
  • Saturday August 13                           9:00-11:00                  AHS Turf Field               

Volleyball:  Will meet in the main gym all days

  • Wednesday, August 10          9:00-12:00am                                    
  • Thursday, August 11              9:00-12:00am                        
  • Friday, August 12                   9:00-12:00am
  • Saturday August 13               9:00-12:00am
  • Monday, August 15                9:00-12:00am

Field Hockey:  Will be on the bermuda field

  • Wednesday, August 10          8:30-11:00am                                    
  • Thursday, August 11              8:30-11:00am                                    
  • Friday, August 12                   8:30-11:00am                        

Football:   Will be on the baseball/softball fields

  • Wednesday, August 10          7:00-10:00am Practice and 1:00-2:15 Meeting                      
  • Thursday, August 11              7:00-10:00am Practice and 1:00-2:15 Meeting                      
  • Friday, August 12                   7:00-10:00am Practice and 1:00-2:15 Meeting          
  • Saturday August 13               7:00-10:00am Practice and 1:00-2:15 Meeting

Cross Country:  Will meet at the track

  • Wednesday, August 10          9am-12pm                                                      
  • Thursday, August 11              9am-12pm                                                      
  • Friday, August 12                   9am-12pm                              

Golf:  Will meet at Hobbits Glen Golf Course

  • Wednesday, August 10          11:00-2:00pm                                                  
  • Thursday, August 11              11:00-2:00pm                                      
  • Monday, August 15                3:00-6:00pm  
  • Tuesday, August 16               3:00-6:00pm  
  • Wednesday, August 17          3:00-6:00pm                          

Allied Soccer:  Will meet with Mr. Stuppy during the 1st week of school