Parking Policy

Parking on campus at Atholton is a privilege, not a right, that the school provides for seniors and for juniors enrolled in the intern/mentor program. These policies are in place to help keep the parking lot safe and provide the opportunity for students to drive to school.

  • All permitted drivers must possess a valid Maryland driver’s license
  • Vehicles must be tagged and registered
  • Students must attend an approved Howard County Safe Driving Meeting prior to applying for or receiving a parking permit
  • Vehicles may only be parked in the student parking lot
  • Vehicles may not be parked along curbs, in the grass, reserved or teacher spaces, bus lane, or visitor spaces.
  • Parking permits must be displayed facing forward at all times
  • The fee for a parking permit is $15, which is due when the application is submitted. Fees will not be refunded if a student is found in violation of the parking policy and privileges are revoked.
  • Students may not go to the student parking lot or to their cars without administrative permission.

Parking permits may be revoked temporarily or permanently for the following:

  • Parking in unauthorized areas (see above)
  • Parking without a permit or using another student’s permit
  • Sharing a permit with another student
  • Repeated failure to display a permit
  • Unsafe driving or violating traffic laws while on school property or entering school property
  • Duplicating or using a fake parking permit
  • Having items in a vehicle that violate HCPSS drug, alcohol, and/or weapons policies

HCPSS Parking Policies:

  • Howard County Public Schools is not responsible for vehicles or contents of vehicles while parked on school property
  • Student vehicles parked on school grounds may be subject to search per HCPSS and Howard County Police Department policies and procedures